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What is a flea?

A flea is a very small insect which has no wings, and it survives on the blood that it sucks from animals as it lives as a parasite. Fleas can go undetected at times, as they attach themselves to an animal, or they may be very aggressive and noticeable.
If your pet begins to lick, bite or scratch themselves repeatedly, this may be a sign of fleas.
If your pet has fleas, what will happen? Do you need to be concerned about them?
Fleas can be very serious for pets, and yes, you should be concerned. Fleas can cause damage in such ways as changing your pet’s eating habits and causing harmful weight gain or loss. They also can cause rashes or marks, and problems with your pet’s hair – such as weakening of the hair and even hair loss. The side effects of fleas can be hurtful to your pet. for more information visit www.fleabites.co.uk, they review the best way to tackle fleas and flea bites, and highlight the best products to do so such as indorex flea spray, Frontline for cats and many more.

Stirling Engines

The Stirling engine has been a passion for engineer enthusiasts for many many years, the hobby stirling engine kit is something that appeals to both young and old, being able to create a moving ‘engine’ from a simple source of heat is a fascinating hobby, the Stirling engine ranges from a small coffee cup rig to huge multi functioning and sometimes beautiful pieces of machine and also art in some cases.se



Ticks are a common parasites of dogs. Whether your dog spends brief or moderate periods of time outdoors there is a risk of a tick infestation. When these parasites attach themselves they feed off of your pet’s blood. Not only are ticks an unwanted problem that can be a challenge to remove but they can cause serious health problems. Here is how ticks affect dogs.

Initially, ticks on dogs can cause redness and irritation. This is a result of the tick not only inserting its mouthpart into the skin but producing a glue like substance to help remain attached. After this occurs dogs may experience some discomfort and are at a higher risk of developing a skin infection.

A more serious way that ticks affect dogs is the possible of spreading disease. Ticks on dogs can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, can cause joint pain, lameness, fever, swelling of the lymph nodes and more. In rare cases, ticks can cause anemia in dogs by consuming large amounts of blood.

Mould on walls – Causes and preventions

Mould on walls is a result of condensation. Whenever condensation builds up on walls, in poorly ventilated spaces, mould can grow, unless properly attended. Controlling the root of the problem, the condensation, is the best way of going about reducing the possibility of mould growth, so that fighting the actual mould doesn’t have to come into realty. Besides condensation, mould has other causes as well. What are these other causes, and what causes condensation.

Preventing condensation or ridding condensation from surface, after it has accumulated, is highly important. Mould growth is a health risk. It serves as a problem for those with allergies and asthma and can cause respiratory issues for others. Properly conditioning your home against condensation and airborne fungal spores from outdoor air, is critical in stopping mould before it attempts to grow. What are the most valuable ways of preventing mould on walls?

Ways of preventing mould on walls.Maintain humidity – Investing in a good humidifier would work perfectly.Circulate air – Running a fan in a room would allow for sufficient air circulation.Dry wet areas – A simple wipe off of liquids on surfaces (walls and furniture) with a cloth is adequate.
Following these three ways of preventing mould from growing will ensure a mould free space.

Now that we are aware of how to prevent it, let’s put into context the causes of mould on walls – and in addition, condensation – so that a better understanding of what is being fought is presented and why.

Causes of condensation and Mould on walls:
Before listing the causes of condensation and mould, what exactly are they?Condensation – water that collects as small drops on a cold surface, when humid air makes contact with the surface.Mould – a fungus that grows on surfaces in damp atmospheres
Causes of Condensation:• Lack of ventilation• Too much humidity in a space• Double glazed windows
Causes of Mould:• Moisture in high humidity areas• Stagnant air and darkness in 70 to 100 degree weather.

If Mould has become an issue, here are a few ways to rid of it:
• Bleach application
• Vinegar application
• Baking Soda application
• Mold Bomb Fogger application

The list of ways to rid of mould is extension, but applying any of these few solutions mentioned, will work suitably.

Mould on walls is an issue that does not have to become a factor in a space. Getting to the root of the problem first – condensation – is the most critical aspect of stopping mould growth. Sticking to the proper conditioning methods of a space – ventilation, humidity reduction, etc., will ensure that mould will not have its chance. how to get rid of mould on walls

an overview of bed bugs and their life-cycle

When it comes to pesky critters in your home, there is nothing worse than having bed bug bites. The problem with them is that you may not even realize you have them until they have been there for a while. And what many people don’t realize is that they infect more than just your bed, your sheets or your clothing.

The common myth about bed bugs is that people can be rid of them by washing their sheets and then they are done. But bed bugs actually live in many other places as well, and this includes the carpets, ventilation systems and many other places as well. It takes a professional with the right tools and know how in order to help have your home completely free of bed bugs. In order to find them you need to know what they look like and how to spot their areas of habitation.

Bed bugs are light brown to a reddish brown in color with the hatchlings almost translucent in color until they get older and develop more. They roam all over the place and can infect your home in a number of ways, such as:

Carried in on a host from a previously infected area. Brought in through already infected furniture such as couches, chairs, and beds.Wild animals might have them in their fur, or can be picked up through pets in other infected areas.Nearby dwellings that are infected can transmit them to your home if it is close enough.

bed bugs uk are often not seen themselves as they are fairly small. So small that the largest they can grow to is roughly two centimeters with the average in the millimeter range. The effects of bed bugs are often seen more than the bugs themselves. Those effects are rashes which are caused by their bites, and they can lead to allergies as well. While the effects are no harmful than that, it can cause infections that lead to worse complications.

These pesky little critters live no more than a year, and that is without adequate food. Yet ironically if they have enough food they only live about ten months. getting rid of bed bugs Perhaps they are so pesky they tend to over eat when they can and end up killing themselves. However with one, there comes many so solving the problem should be your first concern.

A Favorite Christmas Knitted Top

For many people, nothing says ‘Christmas’ like the Christmas jumper. novelty christmas jumpers are practically a cultural institution in some parts of the world. Many people give Christmas jumpers and novelty Christmas jumpers as Christmas presents, keeping the tradition alive from year to year.

Some Christmas jumpers have turtle necks, and some of them have wide necklines. Others have built-in hoods. One of the consistent characteristics of the Christmas jumper is the holiday design stitched into it, which everyone immediately notices. Many people wear Christmas jumpers with knit hats and scarves, which complete the picture.

It makes sense that these warm and toasty knitted tops would achieve some popularity when it starts to get cold around Christmas time. Christmas jumpers usually display holiday or winter scenes, which only helps people get in the mood for Christmas further. It’s almost as if the people wearing christmas jumpers uk are advertising the holiday as they walk around and visit with their friends and family.

The Value of Personal Trainers

It’s often difficult for people to get in shape on their own, so it’s no surprise that working with a personal trainer is so popular. People’s work schedules often interfere with their exercise routines, but people are more likely to stick to those routines when they have to get to appointments with their personal trainers.

There are so many misconceptions about health and fitness out there that people can feel completely lost as to what to do, but personal trainers have the experience and education to guide their clients in the right direction. Unguided individuals can often feel discouraged when they’ve been engaged in their fitness routines for long periods of time without satisfactory results, but personal trainers can give them the encouragement and the support that they need in order to succeed. Many personal trainers have been through the same process themselves, and they can be there for their clients in more ways than one.